Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Landscape improved.

While the Spring landscape shows up the stitched buds wonderfully on a photo, it did not show up in person as well.  It looked dull to me.  I took a sea sponge, just dipping the very tips into rust paint and added more buds, more vivid interesting buds.  Then the Spring landscape had a sparkl

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Applique on the long arm

My sister wanted 17" quilts for the center of the table.  I did them non traditionally.  

Because I wanted a finished quilt of 17"  I started with a 19 inch painted sky.  I made my quilt sandwich with only the backing, batting and sky fabric.

I quilted that, no trees yet just the sky.  Then I fused on the  trunks of the trees.  But on the Summer and Fall quilts, I put some of the leaves on that would be under the trunk and branches.   Then I quilted my trunk down and quilted in the branches right over any leaves that had been put down.

I fused on more leaves on Summer and Fall and then quilted down all of the leaves.  The Spring buds are doodle quilting to represent the buds just starting to open.  

When doing the Fall quilt, I decided to fussy cut one leaf and add the single leaf to Winter.

Now they will be bound with a charcoal grey.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Butterfly quilt, a new way to applique

Miss Abagail loves purple and butterflies.  The quilt was quilted first without the butterflies appliqued on to it.  That kept the feathers pattern going under the feathers instead of along side of them.  It also made it easier to quilt.   After the intertwining feathers were quilted, the butterflies were fused onto the top.  The bottom one hangs over the edge of the binding and is backed with regular fabric.  The bottom half is not stitched down.  The other butterflies go from big to small as they go to the top of the quilt.  The top butterflies are cut out of a fabric print.  Quilting was also used to decorate the butterfly wings.

The small purple border was taken from the backing fabric.  After the quilt was squared up, the backing fabric cut off was used for the binding.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine for kids

Years ago I made a Valentine in this method but many many more pocket sewn in for different kinds of candy, silk flowers, fabric and paper hearts, etc.   But now I am older and not so ambitious.

I started with a zip lock bag sewing around two adjacent sides, slipped in the candy bar and sewed around it, slipped in the money and the hearts and sewed around it and trimmed.

These are for my great niece and nephew that live close to me..

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Blue Delph Quilt

Yeah, finished quilting, forty six hours on a longarm and lots of time thinking and drawing.  The idea was to merge the design of the quilt top and the quilting into one design.  In person the quilting shows up so well, but the lighting for the photo didn't show it off well.   It took 46 hours to quilt on the longarm with 3 1/2 hours of ripping for one motif that was not centered correctly.  It was the last marked and quilted.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Valentine totes

Fourteen Mine Totes for the tables at Greenway Manor for the Valentine party boxed and ready to deliver

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The delft quilt (a start)

The carpenters square will hopefully turn into a kaleidoscope.  The off white is McDebyished, (my friend Kathy named it that), a combination of McTavishing and feathers.   All the flowers and leaves are outlines but the center of McDebyishing would be so large so I did semi circles of 1/2 inch unquilted near the ends.  They puff beautifully and show up well in person making a nice design.

 This is the background feather star for in the four corners.  A smaller partial ones will be between the center sets.  There will be semi circles of designs between the feathers.  The blue jacket has this same background fabric and the same star.  It goes a lot faster with practice.   Outside design is to be determined (translation, I have no idea).